"We’ve gone from a few days on average for a resident and vendor to coordinate an appointment to less than 15 minutes on average..."

stoopsJennifer Stoops, Park Avenue Properties

"This has greatly reduced the amount of maintenance related complaints from disgruntled residents, which has saved our team valuable time, allowing them to be focused on other areas of the business. The most common reason residents do not opt to renew a lease is due to maintenance related frustrations. As a result of appointments being scheduled expeditiously, repairs are now being completed in a more timely manner. This makes for happy tenants and greatly decreases the risk of non-renewal due to maintenance related issues."

"Property Meld has been great to us for so many reasons. When we found Property Meld we had just lost our full-time maintenance coordinator and were struggling..."

d1bf4b6bbb59-IMG_20180614_125029 (2)Matt Flewelling, Beaufort Rentals

"After implementing Property Meld, we have not found the need to hire a new maintenance coordinator. Property Meld handles all of the organization and communication which took up so much time for us previously. Lastly, the combination with GatherKudos has taken our online reviews to the next level. Tenant's that express they had a positive experience are prompted to leave a positive review and we see them daily."

"Property Meld helped me to create a Maintenance Awareness Program (MAP)..."

df52e5474da5-Kass_Rose (2)Kass Rose, MyWay Real Estate Services

"All parties can finally see the positive micro-shifts that are happening day in and day out, instead of only reacting to the negative oversights that once got all the attention. Transparency for the win!"

"Maintenance and coordination of maintenance is one of the largest pains for anyone managing property..."

d87601c15998-Andy2017Andrew Propst, MPM, CPM, CCIM, Park Place Property Management

"Property Meld has taken away that pain by optimizing communication through their technology. Tenants and vendors appreciate the easy interface and transparent communication that the software offers. No more endless phone calls frees up time for everyone and seamless reporting makes identifying bigger problems much easier."

"It's allowed us a streamlined approach to one of our most time-intensive tasks - scheduling maintenance..."

91b11a150b47-Profile (3)Brad Larsen, RentWerx

"In addition, we have begun an additional business that is a vendor. That venture would not have started without the capability of Property Meld to ease the burden of scheduling, which was the entire reason we outsourced that need in the beginning. With Property Meld, we are able to take on the task of scheduling which has allowed for the formation of that new business to support our Property Management business."

"In the 3 months we have been using Property Meld, it has vastly improved our maintenance completion time and communication between tenants, owners, and residents..."

image-3Bess Wozinak, McCreary Realty

"It has helped be able to more adequately monitor the maintenance items and address any that need it in a more timely manner. The feedback form the tenants has been very positive and we appreciate that they are able to rate each maintenance issue after completion so we can see how the vendors we use are doing!"

"It has drastically simplified our process of scheduling repairs requested by our tenants. The software also allows us to track our technicians & vendors and rate their performance..."

SteinHeadshotTom Steinheiser, Metropolitan Financial Corporation

"Due to its technology and efficiency, the Property Meld software has saved us an enormous amount of time and has freed up staff members to be more productive elsewhere in our organization."

"Property Meld has changed the way in which we approach maintenance..."

88d1773ae88e-_cid_A98709FF_EE28_4111_AE60_17E82E11A3C3_wp_shawcableGarret Wong, Garamark Property Management

"We were looking for a solution that would simplify communication between our vendors, tenants and owners and the system does this flawlessly. Property Meld has saved our company thousands of staff hours and our call volumes dropped by 75% in the first month! Additionally, negative internet reviews are a thing of the past!"

"Property Meld has made a huge impact on our business. We went from being over staffed in maintenance to having one person coordinating all our maintenance..."

6b3ec8ff3c0a-JoniJoni Wolfswinkel, Real Property Management Preferred

"Property Meld had all the functions we needed to successfully run our maintenance department. Our tenants, vendors and owners are now getting the communication they deserved and because of this we are receiving many positive reviews."

"Property Meld has allowed us to streamline our workflow and reduce our staffing while still providing great service..."

SedlackLynn Sedlack, Minneapolis Property Management Company

"The ability to see all communication within the work order has been a tremendous help. We use Rent Manager and all of the work order information is recorded into the software with the open API. It's a beautiful thing!"

"Property Meld was the solution to all of our tenant requests, ticket times, vendor scheduling, job tracking and much more..."

852e6949ec14-IMG_6836 (1)Blais Case, Birdy Properties

"My team is providing a better maintenance experience for all our clients. Property Meld was the best service I added to my business in 2017."

"Property Meld has increased our engagement with clients and customers in a positive way..."

5276817dd578-Headshot (1)Tim Wehner, Dodson Property Management

"We no longer have customers complaining about missed appointments or incomplete work which were our biggest complaints prior to implementing PM. Our retention rate increased 4% in 2017 saving us work and our clients money."